I’m Peter Okwara. I live in Nairobi City, where I create magic out of thin air.

Growing up, the whirring of electronics captivated me. Disassembling toys wasn't just destruction, it was exploration. By 6, I was already building software on an IBM running Windows 98, fuelled by the same curiosity that fueled Benard Lowe and Dr Ford in Westworld.

EOS Nairobi became my launchpad. EOS unlocked the potential of blockchain, sparking my passion. Now, I'm delving into the fascinating world of generative AI, building solutions that blur the lines between reality and code.

When I'm not wrestling with code, you'll find me capturing the world through photography or conquering new heights on a hike. And on quiet nights, who knows, maybe I'm practicing my Bankai with a bit of Jujutsu Kaisen inspiration (Bleach holds a special place in my heart too!).